Here are some facts and beliefs about petrified wood that we think might intrigue and inspire you as much as they did us!

They're also some great conversation topics for those of you who have a piece of petrified wood in your home,


  1. Petrified wood is a tree that completely transformed into stone where all of its organic materials have been replaced with minerals while retaining its original structure
  2. Petrified wood is millions of years old, making each piece incredibly antique and unique
  3. It’s mined like stone in immense underground forests called petrified forests originating from every continent in the world
  4. Petrified wood is considered a gemstone
  5. It’s the state gem of Washington, USA 
  6. Petrified wood is Alberta, Canada’s provincial stone
  7. It comes in hues ranging from black, grey, brown and white to yellow, red, pink, green and blue
  8. It is the zodiac gemstone of all signs 
  9. When polished it has the lustre of marble and a natural, captivating beauty 
  10. Having a piece of Petrified wood in your home is a great conversation starter 


  1. Help you become the person you wish to be
  2. Help you achieve your financial dreams and goals
  3. Bring business success and good luck
  4. Help you find the answers you seek
  5. Reinforce the love in your relationship

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