Enhancing Your Home Decor with Table Lamps

If selected wisely, table lamps can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your space.
They can be beautiful elements of design, create a cosy ambiance and provide you with the light you need for tasks like reading or working. 
With the right lamps you can turn your home into a place you, your family and friends will love to be in!
We've put together some easy tips to decorate 4 different rooms with this great type of light.


Place a pair of sleek table lamps on the console or drawers at your entrance for symmetry with art and flowers in-between. It creates a beautiful composition and provides a welcoming light. Combining classic lamps with modern furniture can make a really beautiful contrast.


A set of lamps on your bedside tables always look great. Large lamps make your room look bigger and paired with a tall head board, multiple frames or large artwork over the bed they will look smashing and proportional. Make sure the light bulbs aren't too strong - just enough to provide the right light to read - while creating a soft, dreamy ambience.

Pair your bedside table lamps with a single lamp on the drawers in your bedroom, (1 lamp is usually enough if the room isn't too big) to create an interesting balance between symmetry and asymmetry. This way you have a well distributed, cosy lighting across the room.


You can't go wrong placing table lamps on the side tables next to your sofa. If you have 2 side tables it usually looks better to have a table lamp on each one for symmetry, while if you only have a side table on one side of the sofa, then a single lamp will look great. Table lamps next to your sofa also serves the purpose to provide the light you need to read.

Pair your side table lights with a sleek buffet lamp combined with art, flowers and books. By mixing materials and colour tonalities you create a refined look. Buffet lamps are perfect ambience lights while serving to illuminate another wall in the room. 

Finally add a floor lamp or wall sconces to the 4th wall or corner in the room to create a soft, harmonious sea of light across the space. If your living room is bigger in scale adding spot lights to illuminate wall art adds an exclusive touch.


Place a bold lamp on the buffet in your dining room and combine it with floor lamps and wall sconces in the rest of the room.



Like we've seen in the examples here above, for a cosy atmosphere it's necessary to place several lamps in a room, illuminating different areas. Key is making sure the light isn't too bright. This way you create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Let a ceiling lamp provide the strong light you just need every once in a while when you have to see everything in the room clearly - a light you just keep turned off while relaxing or entertaining.


When selecting your lamps make sure they  compliment the colours and the style of your home, as well as the other lights. If you have neutral colours in your home like whites, grey, beige, black and browns then wood, gold or chrome coloured lamps will look great.
Hope this provided some inspiration you like.
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