The Best Design & Concept Shops in Como - Our Top Pics

If you love design and are looking for places with a soul, offering something different, we've put together a list for you of the spots that we have found to be the best in Como, each run by local, passionate entrepreneurs, offering great products and service in personal settings. 


Located right in the centre of Como lies Dep, a beautiful shop with a charming expo in the courtyard and a chic, large apartment on the second floor turned Showroom where you can stroll through light, airy rooms, viewing the wide variety of home decor, furniture, things for your kitchen & dining room, stationary & office supplies, a selection of beauty & personal care products and jewellery, all tastefully presented.

Dep offers a beautiful combination of modern, retro and organic design styles which blends perfectly together.

via Carcano 4, in the courtyard, up the stairs

tel. +39 031 240 569


This newly opened gem is all about Made in Italy, offering an irresistible selection of home decor, porcelain, art, jewellery and clothing.

Owner Marcela Naim has in an edgy and tasteful way combined brands that speak to the high standards of the Italian taste with items that all have been selected for a specific reason, like casual chic knit wear made out of recycled denim, beautiful mouth blown glass with exceptional strength, 100% handmade ceramic made with ancient techniques, an extensive selection of high quality porcelain from designer Richard Ginori and much more.

Located in via Diaz 55, at the corner of via Lambertenghi in the historic center of Como.


Yepp, this is us :)

While living and working in Southeast Asia for 8 years we fell in love with the local art and materials and decided to throw ourselves into a new adventure here in Como.

In 2018 we opened a Web-Shop and Showroom in via Borgo Vico, an up and coming design hub in Como, where we offer:

  • Italy's largest selection of Petrified wood furniture. Each piece is unique and between 5 - 25 million years old.
  • All hand-picked items to ensure the best possible quality
  • The intriguing story of each piece printed out (in Italian or English)inside a beautiful envelope for our customers to cherish or to purchase as a gift with a special intention. For example a frame with a fertility symbol for a couple wanting a baby or a petrified wood piece of furniture or accessory for someone who is starting a new business venture or a couple getting married (it's believed that petrified wood brings financial success as well as nourishes the love in a relationship)
  • An exclusive collection of designer frames, only available at Kirschon
  • All artisan crafted pieces made as per ancient techniques
  • Worldwide shipping  

Emphasising on artisan craftsmanship and quality our aim is to offer great items and to invite you into the magical world of the Orient through the story of each piece. 

Via Borgo Vico 54,
22100, Como, CO

Store number: +39 031 4491459  Cell: +39 331 9632422




We love this place!

Figli dei Fiori is an irresistible all around concept store specialized in flowers and plants, (Figli dei Fiori means Hippies in English) located just a stone's throw from our Showroom in via Borgo Vico 39/A.

The expert staff skillfully combine seasonal flowers, plants, home decor and materials in to die for compositions. Here you can buy directly from the store or make a special request for any customized design you can think of from corporate to weddings, from gardens to interior design. Figli dei Fiori is the IT flower shop in Como.

The owners are creative forces of nature who keep evolving this trendy space, projects and assortment. Check out their Instagram and get lost in the magic @figlideifioricomo!

TEL +39 031 570006



Right across the flowershop is the Figli dei Fiori Bistrot.

Crossing the threshold you find a charming, timeless place, among flowers, plants and architectural elements. Have a seat in one of the special rooms or in the courtyard and try the breakfast, a delicious lunch (they have a great lunch special during the weekdays) or dinner in this cozy, intimate atmosphere. Being one of the most popular restaurants in Como make sure you make a reservation.

22100 COMO – ITALY
TEL +39 031.571077



Very recently Figli dei Fiori opened this cute place, in via Borgo Vico in front of the flower shop and bistrot, following the same concept and unmistakable design style. Specialized in plates to share it's the perfect place to spend an evening in good company, tasting dishes and sipping wine.
Tel: +39 031 2495205


Located in Via Borgo Vico 38 lies this beautiful family business dating back to 1974, born as a producer of exclusive custom made frames. Today De.Cor is known as the absolute best Frame Shop and Frame Maker in Como.

Over time the business has evolved and today it offers:

  • Mirrors, unique prints and lithographs
  • A tight selection of pop art by a variety of different artists
  • Custom made items in plexi glass, made by Riccardo as per your request.
  • You can also order a variety of different pieces of home decor, furniture and lighting from their catalogue. 

  • A vast selection of high quality custom made frames, including impeccable work in plexi glass. The frames are made in their laboratory to meet each customers needs.
  • The only shop in Como able to apply gold and silver leaf, meticulously executed by son Riccardo who studied the trade in Florence from a world famous Italian master.
  • Frame repairs
Via Borgo Vico 38, Como (CO)

Tel. e fax: 031/265847
indirizzo email:


    This is not a Design Concept store in it's traditional sense, but the studio of Italian artist Fabrizio Bellanca. Make an appointment with Fabrizio in this space where he creates cool, modern art, hear the stories of the pieces and have the possibility to buy your favourite pieces right off his walls or custom make an order.

    Fabrizio has a brilliant conceptual mind. Since the start of his artistic career he explored techniques deriving from metropolitan graffiti and writing onto canvas, characterised by strong colours and abstract forms. His love for experimentation and new materials has led him to the use resin, oil paint on textured surfaces, steel and aluminium plates worked with a Dremel to create pencil like effects, applying printing inks over colours for glass and much more.

    His subjects are people, places and buildings, mostly on a large scale.

    Fabrizio is also the owner of the graphic design studio “Fab”, a company focusing on corporate identity, graphics for print and website design.

    Atelier: via Borgo Vico 35, 22100 Como (CO)
    tel +39 031 572287



    This isn't a design concept store in it's traditional sense either, but a cool space where Lara, Foeh and Andrea offer Tattoo's, Piercings, Breakfast and Cocktails.

    The 3 remain at your full disposal with professionalism and passion where your requests will be directed to the most appropriate artist for the execution of your exclusive tattoo. 

    The Sinta Tattoo Bar is annexed to the study where bartender Marco will pamper you with breakfast in the mornings or drinks later on. To find out more about their evening events where you can get tattooed and have cocktails while listening to live music check them out on Instagram at sintatattoo or on FaceBook at synta tatta.

    Via Odescalchi, 36
    Como (CO), 22100

    Tel: 031 260602

     We wish you a wonderful summer and happy shopping!!


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