Traditional Gong From Java



This beautiful gong was made by local artisans as per ancient techniques in an alloy of bronze and copper on the island of Java in Indonesia. The traditional mallet is made in wood and naturally dyed fabric with a heart of rubber to create the distinctive weight.
The gong is an Asian musical instrument, originating from China, while the term gong originated from Java The first gongs from Java dates back to 3500bc.
In Asia the gong is normally played to create an opening sign during ceremonies, believed to bring good luck. It’s also a part of the Gamelan, the traditional ensemble music of Java and Bali.
Since antique times gongs are also played for healing purposes. In the beginning it was believed that if you listened to the sound of the gong for days you would be cured of anything. Today the gong is used as an alternative to western medicine to help cure physical, mental or spiritual conditions. It’s believed that different frequencies have different beneficial effects on your body and mind.

The gong comes complete with a blackened metal stand, a traditional mallet and it's story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.

Being artisan crafted each gong is very slightly different.

Dimensions: ca 83cm wide x 120cm tall with the stand.

We ship worldwide.
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