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tavolino in legno fosssile pietrificato
tavolino in legno fosssile pietrificato
Petrified Wood Coffee Table

Petrified Wood Coffee Table


This beautiful slice of petrified wood comes from Indonesia and is between 5 - 25 million years old. Over time the material transformed from wood into stone,
making it incredibly resistant and strong.  The legs are made in high polished stainless steel.
Dimension: 43cm high, 56 x 70cm diameter, weight ca 45kg.
It's a unique piece, handpicked for you with the best quality of petrified wood and comes complete with:
  • It's Description
  • A fact sheet about how to clean and care for Petrified Wood (click Here to read) 
  • A list of interesting facts and beliefs about Petrified Wood (click Here to read).
  • All printed out and delivered inside a beautiful envelope
    We ship worldwide.
    If your country is not listed in the checkout please contact us for a shipping quote.