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This beautiful suite includes a voluptous ikan stone fish statue and a set of pectoral breast plates, complete with the blackened metal stands.

The stone statue was hand carved in stone by local artisans on the island of Java in Indonesia, made as per ancient techniques. Ikan means fish in Indonesian. The fish has since ancient times been worshipped for its connection to water. Besides being considered a sacred animal, it’s also a symbol of life, power and the vast knowledge we have inside. It’s believed that the fish takes you on a journey of serious soul searching, bringing good fortune to your future and helps you to overcome any challenge in your life.

The breast plates were made in brass by local artisans on the island of Timor in Indonesia, created as per ancient techniques.
Discs like these were given to warriors upon their successful returns as a reward, and later worn as a symbol of prestige during ceremonies. The designs on the plate are celestial ornaments, evoking the cosmos. As per antique tradition they were also presented as bride price in marriage contracts, paid by a groom or his family to the family of the woman he wanted to marry.

The plates have different motifs like you can see in the photo with the 8 discs and being handmade each piece is slightly different. Please contact us if you'd like to select you specific motifs, otherwise we'll send you 2 of the beautiful versions.

The suite comes complete with the story of the artefacts printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope. Being artisan crafted with organic materials each piece is slightly different, containing beautiful, natural imperfections. Books and espresso cup not included.


  • The set of 2 breast plates: 17cm wide by 27 and 32cm high
  • The Ikan fish statue: ca 35 x 40 x 17cm
Ikan stone fish statue from Java and 2 pectoral plates from Papua - Asian Art from Kirschon
SUBLIME LIFE Sale price€410,00 EUR