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This gorgeous suite in warm earth tones includes a large Buddha stone head statue, a set of 2 Ghanta temple bells and a set of 2 peacock feathers, complete on blackened metal stands and their stories printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.

The Buddha statue was hand carved in stone by local artisans on the island of Java in Indonesia, made as per ancient techniques. Buddha, founder of the Buddhist religion is known as the teacher of the gods and the humans, having reached the greatest bliss, Nirvana. Buddha is also described as the bestower of immortality. His head is the symbol of his greatness, filled with mysticism, the embodiment of wisdom and compassion. 

The feathers comes from the bird Pheasant Argus on the island of Java in Indonesia and are a considered a powerful and mythical symbol in many different cultures of the world. The peacock feather is said to absorb negative energies, protect the wearer from any bad happenings and bringing good luck. The peacock is also believed to be the manifestation of the celestial phoenix bird, and its feathers are often recommended in Feng Shui as a love cure. 

The Ghanta were made in brass by local artisans on the island of Bali in Indonesia, made as per ancient techniques. Ghanta’s like these are ritual bells used in Hindu ceremonies in Bali. Most temples have one hanging at the entrance and devotees ring the bell before entering. The bell is also rung by the priest during the ceremony, while burning incense in front of the deity and when offering food or flowers. It is said that by ringing the bell, the devotee informs the gods of his or her arrival. The sound of the bell is considered to bring good luck and to welcome divinity, casting away evil. The sound of the bell is also said to make the mind more receptive, and helping to control ones focus. For certain yoga practices it’s believed that the sound of the bell energizes the Chakras and balances the energy in your body.

Being artisan crafted with natural materials or organic in nature, each piece is slightly different containing beautiful, natural imperfections. Books not included.


  • The Buddha statue: 52 x 25 x 19cm
  • The set of 2 Ghanta: 8 x 10cm wide by 28 and 24cm high
  • The set of 2 peacock feathers vary in sizes and shapes being organic in nature. Their heights range between around 43 - 75cm tall with the stand. Each piece is different with unique motifs and divisions/openings in the feathers.