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This ensemble includes a beautiful abalone shell necklace and a set of 2 money rings, all complete on metal stands.

The necklace was made as per ancient techniques with Abalone shells and natural fibre by local artisans on the island of Papua. The Abalone shell is believed to have healing properties, bringing emotional balance, tranquillity and confidence.

 On Papua shells represent prosperity and are often used during wedding ceremonies, believed to bring emotional and financial wealth. Here shell necklaces have been worn by local tribes since ancient times, to enhance the body as well as marking status and achievements. With the shell’s strong mythological importance they were considered to be the links between the human and the spiritual world, bringing fertility and well-being.
In the past, shells travelled on long pathways through the Asian Pacific, used as exchange items or currency and for creating ties and relationships between people.

The set of money rings comes from Papua New Guinea and is made from clam shell. The whole inside the money rings are drilled using a stock of bamboo, and the edges have been smoothened using silica sand as per ancient techniques.
In Papua money rings were created as currency, mainly used for bride price or purchasing expensive items. It was the duty of the man’s family to pay for his bride, as compensation for the time and resources the family put into her before she reached adulthood. During the bride price ceremony a man would throw a feast, offer his future wife’s family pigs, and a bride price piece like a money ring.

The suite comes with the stories of the artefacts printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope. Being artisan crafted with organic materials, each piece is slightly different containing beautiful, natural imperfections. Books not included.


  • The necklace: ca 52 cm high by 33cm diameter by 9cm width 
  • The money rings: 24 and 30cm high by 12cm diameter of each money ring
Abalone shell necklace and set of money rings from Papua - Asian Art from Kirschon
WEALTH OF LOVE Sale price€275,00 EUR