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Large Wood Panel From Toraja

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This beautiful wood panel was carved by hand by local artisans in Toraja, on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.
In Toraja the local language is oral without any existing writing system. Here people have been carving wood since ancient times to express themselves, calling it Pa'ssura (the writing)

One of the more important meanings of the triangle is the horn of the buffalo, which is the most prescious animal in Toraja. A family’s wealth was and still is today measured by the amount of water buffaloes they own, making the buffalo a symbol of wealth and power.
Some meanings of the curly, circular motifs speaks about the importance to lead a peaceful life and being honest.
Also the colours used have a special meaning: red symbolizes human life, white means purity, yellow represents god’s blessing and power and blue bravery and determination.
 It comes complete with its story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.
Dimensions: 118 x 102cm by 3cm thickness. The panel is separated into 3 parts giving you the possibility to either hang them merged together or divided.
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