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Spiral shell and feather necklace from Papua

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This beautiful necklace was made as per ancient techniques with spiral shells, rooster feathers and natural fibre, crafted by local artisans on Papua. On Papua shell necklaces have been used by local tribes since antiquity, to enhance the body, as currency as well as showing ones status.

The spiral shells reflect the shape of the Golden Ratio spiral, known as a "sacred geometry". It’s considered sacred because it can be found in all living things, even in the shape of our galaxy, showing us that our natural world is not as random as it seems, but can be explained in the logic of mathematical equations. The intriguing thought that all living things have this ratio in common shows that we’re all linked and parts of a greater whole.

 The necklace comes complete with a black metal stand and its story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.  Being handmade each piece is slightly different with natural imperfections.

 Dimensions: Heights with the stand very between 48 and 59cm by 50cm x 12cm width and depth.

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Spiral shell and feather necklace from Papua - Asian Art from Kirschon
Spiral shell and feather necklace from Papua Sale price€185,00 EUR