At Kirschon we believe in the importance of filling your home with meaningful things that inspire you and reflect who you are. That’s why every item in our collection has a meaning, a beautiful story and symbolism. Each piece is made as per ancient techniques and comes complete with its intriguing story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope. On our website you can read the stories about your favourite items.

We have put together a collection of meaningful Christmas Gifts and Home Accessories that any interior lover will absolutely Adore!

Click HERE to read and download your Holiday Gift Guide.


For any requests or inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us at: or by phone at: tel +39 331 9632422  or +39 031 4491459

We'd also love to see you in our Showroom in Como in Via Borgo Vico 54.


We hope you find things you like and wish you and your loved ones an Amazing Holiday season!

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