Marco con collar de conchas de cowrie tribales de Papua



This beautiful necklace comes from Papua New Guinea and is handmade with Cowrie shells that have been embroidered onto a crochet base made out of natural fiber.

It's encapsulated inside a gold coloured wooden frame with a white fabric base and cream coloured passe-partout. Being artisan crafted each necklac e is very slightly different.

This type of necklace has since ancient times been worn by the people of Papua to enhance the body as well as showing status and achievements.

Natural seashells have always played a crucial role in ceremonial traditions in Papua. With their strong mythological importance they were considered to be the links between the human and the spiritual world, bringing fertility and well-being.

In the past, shells traveled on long pathways through the Asian Pacific, used as exchange items or currency and for creaing ties and relationships between people.

It comes complete with it's story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.

Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 7cm

The price is for 1 frame

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