Conjunto de 3 marcos con colmillos de tabique de Papua



This stunning set of 3 frames with Septum Tusks comes from Papua in Indonesia.
Since ancient times S
eptum Tuskshave been worn by different tribes in Papua during important ceremonies, intended to give the wearer power and the appearance of a wild boar.

The most notorious tribe known to wear themare the Asmat
who were warriors and headhunters not only hunting for skulls, but also worshipped them, putting them in honourable places in their homes.

The Septum Tusks, hand carved out of clamshell, are each slightly different in shape and come encapsulated inside gorgeous gold coloured wooden frames with white fabric bases and cream coloured passe-partouts, complete their story printed out for you.

A great gift for yourself or someone who has obtained or is in need of Power!

The dimension of each frame: 36 x 46 x 6cm

Being hand made from natural materials each septum tusk is slightly different.

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