Frame with Kina Shell Necklace from Papua



This necklace from Papua is handmade with Kina and Cowrie Shells, Shark Bone, Wood Beads and Jali Seeds.

Worn by men and women of the the Asmat tribe it was as a sign of wealth and prosperity for special celebrations. In the past it was also used for bride price, blood feud paybacks, currency as well as for admissions to men’s clubs and secret societies.

The Asmat were head hunters and the most feared cannibalistic tribe in Papua. They were also “hunters for names”. Every person was named after someone deceased, or after a killed enemy. A child was sometimes given a name up to ten years after it was born, and after its village set out to kill an enemy from a place nearby. They had to learn the name of the man they killed, and then bring his skull to their village. This way the child would get a name.

It's encapsulated inside a black and silver wooden frame with a white fabric base and cream coloured passe-partout and comes complete with it's story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.

Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 7cm

Being artisan crafted each necklace is very slightly different.

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