Frame with a Tribal Totem - Tun Tun - from Sumba



This totem called Tun Tun comes from Indonesia and is hand carved in buffalo bone and wood.  The male figure on top is depicting Raja Leti, meaning the king from Leti.

It's encapsulated inside a silver coloured wooden frame with a white fabric base and cream coloured passe-partout. Being artisan crafted each totem is very slightly different.

The Tun Tun has since ancient times been considered a powerful talisman. Farmers would bring it to the fields, guiding them to the best place to get a good crop.
It was also used to protect one’s house, placed in the corners of the roof.

The frame comes complete with it's story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.

The perfect gift for yourself or someone you wish protection and guidance!

Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 6cm

We ship worldwide.
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