Tribal Money Ring From Papua

€75,00 EUR


This beautiful piece comes from Papua New Guinea and is made from a cone shell.

In Papua money rings were created as currency, mainly used for bride price or for purchasing expensive items. Money rings with this dimension were often used as bracelets worn high up on the arm.

In Papua it was the duty of the man’s family to pay for his bride, as compensation for the time and resources the family put into her before she reached adulthood. During the bride price ceremony a man would throw a feast, offer his future wife’s family pigs, and a bride price piece like a money ring.

The money ring comes complete with a black metal stand and its story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.

Each piece in our stock is is slightly different since they are made by hand with natural materials.

Dimensions: the height of the stands vary between 20 - 25cm by around 12cm width

We ship worldwide.
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