Tribal wood totem from Borneo



This wooden statue was carved by hand by local artisans on the island of Kalimantan in Indonesia, made as per ancient techniques.

For centuries wooden totems were made to evoke protection and guidance in honour of Kaharingan, the main, animist religion of the local tribe Dayak until the 1900’s. The Dayaks are the native people of Borneo, with its first independent kingdom as early as the 12th century. Besides being skillful farmers, craftsmen and hunters, they were once also one of the most feared warrior tribes in Southeast Asia.

The sculpture comes complete with a blackened metal stand and its story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.

Dimensions: ca 32 x 6 x 6cm. Being artisan crafted each piece is slightly different and can have some natural, visible cracks as beautiful signs of the aging of the wood.

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