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This gorgeous suite includes a set of 2 white feather necklaces and a set of 2 shell disc bracelets, complete on metal stands. 

The necklaces come from Papua in Indonesia and are made out of rooster feathers, beads and shells embroidered on to natural fiber crochet bases. They are a symbol of the bond between human and nature, used during big ceremonies. In several myths, the rooster has the power to revive the dead or to make a wish come true. It is considered sacred within the spiritual realm.

The bracelets comes from Papua and are handmade with clam shells and beads embroidered onto crochet bases made with natural fibers. Since ancient times bracelets like these have been worn by the people of Papua during ceremonies to enhance the body, believed to be powerful talismans of love, purification and good fortune. The shells are cut round in tribute to the Moon.Seashells have always played a crucial role in ceremonial traditions in Papua, for their strong mythological importance. In the past, shells also traveled on long pathways through the Asian Pacific, used as exchange items or currency and for creating ties and relationships between people.

The suite comes with the stories of the artefacts printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope. Being artisan crafted with organic materials, each piece is slightly different containing beautiful, natural imperfections. Books not included.


  • The necklaces: heights 53 - 63cm tall by 22 x 9cm
  • The set of 2 bracelets: 10 x 10cm wide by 14 and 19cm tall
Feather necklaces and shell disc bracelets from Papua - Asian Art from Kirschon
HEAVENLY WHITES Sale price€535,00 EUR