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Vintage Sanggori head ornament from Sulawesi

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This beautiful piece was hand made in brass with ancient techniques by local artisans on Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. Dating back to the 1930's it's one out of a set of 2, which are the only 2 pieces in our collection today
 The Sanggori have roots reaching back to the late Bronze Age. They were traditionally worn by village heads during ceremonies and in battle, believed to give magical and protective powers to its wearer.
The shine of a well polished Sanggori was considered strong enough to blind the enemy and exorcise demons. The spiral of the Sanggori often ends with the head of a serpent, considered a powerful animal connected to the underworld. Like many ornaments from Sulawesi, the Sanggori were symbols of prestige, power and social status.
 Dimensions: 29 x 37 x 7cm with the metal stand.
The piece comes complete with the blackened metal stand and its story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.
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