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Article: How to decorate your home like a pro with floor lamps

How to decorate your home like a pro with floor lamps

How to decorate your home like a pro with floor lamps

Choosing the right lighting is one of the most important things when creating beautiful interiors. It makes the difference between a successful home decor and a space that can appear dull and cold. Light enhances everything, creating a warm and refined atmosphere.
 Floor lamps offer fantastic versatility and options to illuminate, giving you more creative freedom than most light fixtures.
Here are 7 tips to help you select the perfect floor lamps for you, and how to decorate your home with them like a pro!

1. Select a lamp that compliments your interiors

Match the colour of the lamp with the colours in your room - the walls, curtains or furniture, to create a harmonious look.    

2. Match the lamp with the style of your home

If your home is classic then a classic lamp will fit in great! You can also create a stunning effect with classic lamps in a modern space like you can see in this photo, as long as the colours of the lamp and your room complement each other.  Another great trick to get a beautiful contrast is to combine dark lamp shades with light interiors, making your lamps a real focal point.

3. Choose a lamp based on the dimension of your room

A tall lamp adds height to a room so your space looks bigger. This makes floor lamps an excellent choice for both high and low ceilings.

4. Create a cozy reading spot

Place a lamp next to your favourite reading spot for the ultimate place to relax. It will look great next to an arm chair, sofa or chaise long. 

5. Add elegance and light to an empty wall

A floor lamp placed in front of an empty wall makes your lamp a real design feature while serving its purpose to provide light.

6. Add a touch of class to your dining room or entrance

A great trick often used by interior designers is to place a floor lamp and a frame or 2 next to that extra chair you keep close to the wall in the dining room. This type of composition can also add elegance to the entrance where you can have a seat while putting your shoes on, combining elegance with function.

7. Select a floor lamp that complement the other lamps in the room. 

It's important to Integrate different types of lighting for a combination that provides harmony in colour and design, as well as giving you the 3 types of light you need: cosy ambient lights, task lights for reading or working and a stronger main light (the latter only serves when you need to see everything in the room really clearly.) 
Last but not least, one of the features we think you will love the most with the floor lamp is that it's portable and can be placed anywhere without needing a piece of furniture to sit on, giving you lots of freedom to try which compositions you prefer and change things around as you please.
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