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Petrified Wood bookends

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This gorgeous set of book ends is made in petrified wood from the island of Java in Indonesia and is between 5 - 25 million years old, dating back to the miocene era. Over time the wood transformed into stone, making it incredibly strong while maintaining its original structure. Petrified wood is highly prized across the globe for its rarity, age, durability, natural beauty and exotic allure. It's the state gem of Washington and one of the worlds most environmentally friendly materials to harvest and use. 

This is a unique set, handpicked for you with the best quality and it comes complete with:  

  • Its description
  • Lot's of interesting facts and beliefs about this extraordinary gem. (Click HEREto read) 
  • A fact sheet about how to clean and care for petrified wood
  • All printed out and delivered inside a beautiful envelope


Dimensions: 29 x 18 x 5,5cm

The front of the set is smooth with a matte shine and the sides and back are matte without surface treatment. 


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