is an eclectic mix of home decor, handmade lighting and artefacts from Southeast Asia. Emphasising on artisan craftsmanship and high quality our aim is to offer great items and invite you into the magical world of the Orient.


We offer art and furniture in a different way, telling the amazing stories of each piece while guiding you to find the perfect items for yourself and the people in your life. Our mission is not only to offer beautiful pieces but items that speak to each individuals passions and aims. The collection is presented in a chic western setting, showing what a great impact you can make by combining the Eastern and Western styles. In our Web-Shop and Showroom you'll find:

* A signature collection of handmade lamps in high quality mahogany wood. Each lamp comes complete with a certificate and a high resolution print of the original sketch signed by the designer and presented inside an exclusive folder.

* A special assortment of petrified wood accessories. Each piece is unique and between 5 - 25 million years old.

* A wide selection of artefacts and antiques from Southeast Asia, made with ancient techniques.

* The intriguing story of each piece printed out inside a beautiful envelope for you to cherish or to purchase as a gift with a special intention. 

* Each piece in the collection is hand-picked to ensure you the best possible quality.

* Worldwide shipping.

* Attentive customer support. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.


Sandra Kirschon, originally from Sweden and a graduate from Parsons School of Design has 20 years of experience as a designer for some of the world’s most prestigious jewellery companies in Europe, the US and Asia. 

While living and travelling in Asia, Sandra's passion and appreciation for the local art, craftsmanship and architecture grew, inspiring her to design luxury villas and custom made furniture, combining pure, modern lines with traditional Asian features and artwork, a style that resulted very popular on the Indonesian and international market.

Roberto Bianchi, originally from Italy, has an extensive experience working in real estate in the US, Italy and Asia including sales, building luxury properties and lead restorations. During his years of living abroad Roberto also specialized in identifying the best local artisans with whom we realise our products. 


After many years of living, travelling and working in Asia we felt that it was time to return to Europe, to our roots and families. We saw that there was an opportunity to introduce Petrified wood furniture, which we love, in Italy since it wasn't very present there yet and to combine it with artisan crafted tribal art presented in a western context - a combination we tried in multiple property developments over the years and saw that people were very drawn to. We wanted to offer our customers a unique and personal experience while guiding them to great pieces that not only create a wow effect but also engage, are perfect conversation starters and gifts with an intention. And who knows, offer pieces with powers that maybe works as the powerful talisman's they are believed to be in the rural areas of the world they come from...

The company was founded in Italy in the summer of 2018, with a Showroom in Como and a Web-Shop. During the fall of 2021 we expanded the business with a larger warehouse and Showroom located on the beautiful hills of Lake Como, housing the growing Collection.