Set of 2 Labe Stone Statues from Sumba

€170,00 EUR


This beautiful set of 2 stone statues was hand carved by local artisans on the island of Sumba in Indonesia, made as per ancient techniques. Labe means pumpkin in Indonesian.
Pumpkins are symbols of prosperity, growth, friendship and family, due to their resilient nature and the way that several fruits are connected through a vine which provides the pumpkins with nutrition from the ground. It’s believed that the pumpkin helps us create lasting, prosperous connections with others.

The labe come complete with black metal stands and their story printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.

Dimensions: stand heights are 26 and 30cm, each labe is ca 14,5cm wide and 5cm thick.

Being handmade each piece is slightly different.

We ship worldwide.
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