Set of Hand Carved Ceremonial Spears From Borneo

€620,00 EUR


This striking set was hand crafted by local artisans on the island of Borneo (Kalimantan) in Indonesia, made as per ancient techniques. It's carved in ironwood and engraved with traditional, ornamental motifs from the area.
Spears like these were used by the Dayak people in their traditional war dances, performed to show the courage and manliness of the tribe while boosting everyone’s spirit. Today they are very much part of the cultural heritage in the area.
The Dayak are the native people of Borneo, once one of the most famous and feared warrior tribes in Asia.

The set come complete with black metal stands and its description printed out for you inside a beautiful envelope.

Dimensions: heights 220 and 180cm, widths 20cm

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