Set of 2 Tribal Cowrie Shell Necklaces from Papua

€370,00 EUR


This beautiful set of necklaces comes from Papua New Guinea and is handmade with Cowrie shells that have been embroidered onto crochet bases made out of natural fibre.

In Papua this type of necklace is used during ceremonies and is custom-made for each person, Its round outside shape symbolizes the universe,
while the circular hole in the center is a symbol of the opening to eternal life. 
It is believed to bring the wearer a happy life and protection.

Natural seashells have always played a crucial role in ceremonial traditions in Papua. With their strong mythological importance
they were considered to be the links between the human and the spiritual world, 
bringing fertility and well-being. In the past, shells traveled on long pathways through the Asian Pacific, used as exchange items or currency and for creating ties and relationships between people.

Dimensions: stand heights 55 and 70cm x 40 - 43cm necklace widths. Being artisan crafted each necklace is slightly different. 

The set comes complete with blackened metal stands and its intriguing story printed out for you in a beautiful envelope. 

We ship worldwide.
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